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In the event that a person who abusers drinks cannot be persuaded to turn to a narcologist, there are ways of home detoxification.It is useful to carry out treatment with honey and milk, which supplement the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In a hangover state, there is a strong shortage of these food components. Also, honey and milk contribute to the removal of toxins from the body and serve as a support for the normalization of the liver and kidneys.

Parsley leaves are good for removing toxins from the body, but it should be remembered that it is recommended to use them in the absence of pathologies of the cardiovascular system. Active parsley substances accelerate the process of alcohol breakdown and increase metabolism. Infusions of chamomile, ginger and St. John’s wort also contribute to the elimination of toxins. Active enzymes in large quantities are contained in citrus fruits. For their optimal use, oranges and tangerines should be used in the form of freshly squeezed juices. In orange county rehab you will have the best deal.

  • If the alcoholic falls into a state of white fever, then his urgent hospitalization is necessary without obtaining consent from him, since the manifestations of delirium are dangerous not only for the person susceptible to hallucinations, but also for those around him. Alcohol detoxification in this state occurs in the intensive care unit.
  • It should be noted that the relief of a hangover or alcohol withdrawal syndrome is not a full-fledged treatment for alcohol dependence, but is a preliminary therapy.

Not everyone knows how the alcoholism, the stages and forms of this disease affect a person. Of all types of products, alcoholic beverages are among the most sought-after. Every year, the number of alcohol-dependent individuals increases. Alcoholic drinks harm the whole body, change personal qualities and often cause serious illnesses (cirrhosis, pancreatitis, ischemic heart disease).Alcoholism is a chronic disease that develops with a constant use of alcoholic beverages for a long time

Types and stages of alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that develops with the constant use of alcoholic beverages for a long time. This disease is always manifested by alcohol dependence (mental and physical). There are the following types of alcoholism:

  • household;
  • chronic;
  • male;
  • female;

The organism of each person perceives alcohol in different ways. Everything depends on the content of such an enzyme as alcohol dehydrogenase. In residents of the northern regions (Chukchi), this enzyme is small, so they develop a disease faster. You need to know not only the types of alcoholism, but also the stage. This depends on the clinical symptoms of the disease. Experienced doctors know how to determine the stage of alcoholism.

  • In residents of the northern regions alcohol dehydrogenase is small, so they develop a disease more rapidly

There are four stages in the development of ethism. At the heart of this division are the following criteria:

  • the presence of mental and physical dependence;
  • tolerance to ethyl alcohol;
  • attitude to drinking the patient himself;
  • presence of withdrawal (failure) syndrome;
  • defeat of internal organs;
  • destruction of personality.

Assistance to such people should be provided at an early stage of alcoholic illness, when there is still no physical dependence and personality disorder.

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