Smart Options For Affiliate Marketing Now for You

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where advertisers – often web shops for example – collaborate with partners (affiliates) on a performance-based basis. This is a pay-per-sale model where the advertiser only pays out on results. The affiliate will then receive a commission about the sale that they have made possible. By means of affiliate marketing, advertisers can reach a larger audience, for which they only pay when there is a result.

In the standard design there are three parties involved:

  1. Advertisers

This is often the web shop, they offer products or services. Aim: want to generate extra traffic and sales and make promotional material available for that purpose and link a committee to the results.

  1. Affiliates

These are the publishers or publishers of websites, they support the advertisers in obtaining new customers, and they inform visitors about offers and send visitors to the advertiser. Does this lead to conversion? Then they get a certain commission for that.

  1. Networks

An affiliate network is the link between the advertiser and the affiliates. They ensure a correct measurement of the results and see where the reward is paid or not.

These are the main key things to make your business group more successful. You gain a lot if you implement these things to make marketing of your business.

But, where do you start with affiliate marketing?

Choose your domain name and build your website: 2 steps

To begin with, a domain name and a website are so handy. Think first of which niche you want to focus on, is this fashion, discount or travel for example? Tune in your domain name and keep it preferably easy. When capturing a domain, it is good to see where you want to do this. Pay particular attention to the user-friendliness of web hosting. Transship and Strata, for example, have a one-click-install of WordPress, which immediately saves you a lot of technical knowledge, which you probably lack in the initial phase. This way you can avoid FileZilla and other more difficult things.

  1. Website

In the initial phase I would personally go for the use of the WordPress software. WordPress is open source software for CMS, which has evolved at breakneck speed in recent years. An additional advantage: it is constantly updated. Google likes it. It is also very user-friendly (nowadays) and also free of charge. Another important point: WordPress has a lot of documentation available through the open source system, useful if you get stuck. YouTube is also full of tutorials on how to start with WordPress.

  1. Theme

You can choose one of the free themes that WordPress offers, my experience is that you quickly run into limitations. Via or for example Creative Market you can find themes that offer more possibilities. Find a theme that matches your preferred niche (travel / fashion etc.), and pay attention to the functionalities that are incorporated into a theme.

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